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Welcome to the CWA Staff Union. We represent members who are employed by the Communications Workers of America, AFL-CIO with the titles of CWA Representative, District Organizing Coordinator, Temporary Staff, Represented Attorneys and IUE CWA Staff Representatives from the CIO who merged with us.  We also represent professional and occupational employees who are employed by the Alliance for Growth and Development, and the PA State AFL-CIO Staff.

                                                                                                                                                             M M Smith, President 

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11-26-15 Over the past week the bargaining team has been continuing to try to resolve the final issues on the table.  Our expectation was that these issues would be resolved last weekend. Unfortunately, we have not been able to reach agreement with the CWA.  We will continue to work towards resolving these issues.

11-14-15 Progress has been made since our message on 11-6-15.  We heard your concerns regarding working without a contract and after discussions with the CWA that issue has been resolved​. Your bargaining team proposed changes to last weeks proposal from the CWA addressing concerns over wages, health care and job security.  Although nothing has been finalized, the initial response was favorable.  We feel that we are moving closer to an agreement.  We will update you as soon as more information is available. 

11-6-15 Since we last issued a bargaining report the process has stalled.  At that time we felt we were close to reaching an agreement with the CWA. Unfortunately we have taken several steps backwards.  Your bargaining team put together a comprehensive package that addressed both the concerns of our members and the CWA.  It included reasonable increases to wages and the 401k plan, addressed job security issues, health care cost issues and adopted measures to maintain the long term stability of the pension fund.  
Today we received a counter proposal from the CWA that reject the all of the elements that addressed our needs, but accepted the components that addressed the CWA's needs.  The CWA also sent us another message today.  We had an agreement to extend our contract until October 31. 2015.  Our expectation was that the extension would continue until we reached an agreement.  Today we were informed that they are not interested in extending the agreement.  As of now we are working without a contract.  
At this time your bargaining team plans on continuing to work through the process at the bargaining table.  If that doesn't work in the short run, please plan on mobilizing. We do not want to go down that road, but we are willing to take any and all measures necessary to gain a fair contract.

10-27-15  Your bargaining team is close to reaching an agreement with CWA.  Several critical issues still need to be resolved.  We are in the process of putting together a counter proposal to CWA's latest offer.  Meetings took place in Washington DC from 10-13-15 through 10-16-15.  During those sessions we moved closer on many issues, but remained apart on wages,pension, 401K, health care and several other issues. We hope to meet with CWA soon to finalize the agreement.  

10-01-15 We have extended the contract for one month as we continue to push for a fair and equitable agreement. When last we met we had presented a comprehensive proposal to the company. They have committed to reply to that proposal this week. Our next face to face meeting is scheduled for the week of October 12th but we will continue to to worrk via conference calls and email until then. In Unity, M M Smith, Pat O'Neil, Bill Bain and Tommy Thurston.

09-19-15 Talks continued today with CWA.  Additional proposals were made by both sides, which moved us closer on several issues.  However we remain apart on most of the major issues. CWA plans on sending us an updated proposal this week to review.  After that review future meetings will be scheduled.    

09-18-15  Bargaining sessions with CWA continued on Thursday and Friday.  Yesterday the entire session was spent discussing issues surrounding the New Growth Fund titles. The job security of all of our members was a major topic of these discussions.  Today we continued to discuss all of the outstanding issues.  There was agreement reached on a few issues, but we remain apart on all of the major issues.  A meeting is scheduled for Saturday.

09-16-15  The Union and the Company have been meeting the past two days.  The Company reviewed the financial status of CWA. This included the status of the pension plan and the required future contributions as well as a health care cost update.  CWA raised concerns over the cost of the motor vehicle plan.  Your bargaining team presented the complete package of bargaining proposals that was approved by the Executive Board.  So far no agreements have been reached.  We continue to work towards reaching an agreement.  Meetings are scheduled for tomorrow and Friday.

09-13-15:  Bargaining for our contract begins this week.  The bargaining team will meet in Washington DC for a prep session on 09-14-15.  Talks are scheduled with CWA from 09-15-15 through 09-18-15. We will update you as information becomes available.. Read more.