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Welcome to the CWA Staff Union. We represent members who are employed by the Communications Workers of America, AFL-CIO with the titles of CWA Representative, District Organizing Coordinator, Temporary Staff, Represented Counsel, Campaign Assistant, Campaign Lead, Senior Campaign Lead and IUE CWA Staff Representatives from the CIO who merged with us.  We also represent professional and occupational employees who are employed by the Alliance for Growth and Development, and the PA State AFL-CIO Staff.



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01-26-17  Talks with CWA over changes to the current pension plan are continuing.  Conference calls with our members to update them on the situation as well as answering their questions and concerns have taken place over the past few days and will continue next week.  

08-28-16 The Executive Board held a meeting on August 26th and 27th. Our meeting opened with a discussion with CWA President Chris Shelton, Secretary Treasurer SaraSteffens and Chief of Staff Ron Collins.  They recapped the recent discussions surrounding the state of the pension plan.  The goal is to end up with a plan that provides retirement security for all CWAworkers.  They also stressed that those very close to retiring will still be able to make their retirement decision on a reasonable timetable.  Any potential changes will not happen overnight.

An important point was made that CWA needs to come up with a comprehensive plan to address our finances. The problem is more of an overall Financial problem than just a Pension problem.  They committed to continue to share information with us in an effort to come up with solutions.  A meeting with CWA leadership and the various Union Presidents is planned for September 29th.
Our outgoing President MM Smith was in attendance and helped with many transitional issues.  He served as our President, Vice President and District 3 Representative for over 10 years. We are grateful for his service to the Staff Union. He will be missed.
With MM leaving due to his impending retirement, there was an opening for the office of Vice President.  Bill Bain, our current Secretary Treasurer, was selected to be our next Vice President.  Bill has also been on the board for over 10 years.  He has done an outstanding job as Secretary Treasurer and will continue to do so as our Vice President.  Ruth Marriott was selected to fill the Secretary Treasurer vacancy created by Bill's move.  We are fortunate that Ruth agreed to step into this role.  She is also a long term member of the board and prior to joining Staff she was Secretary Treasurer of her local for over 20 years. Her experience will make this an easy transition.

Discussion took place regarding ways to continue to improve communication within our Union.  The feeling is that it is critical to share current information and respond to our members concerns.  Significant time was also spent discussing our members in temporary SIF/Growth Fund positions.  A commitment had been made in bargaining to have discussions with CWA to try and develop a pathway to permanency.  CWA is still committed to work with us on this issue. Our position is that solving this problem will be a critical part of any plan developed to solve CWA's overall financial problem.

08-01-16 As a result of his announcement to retire from CWA, our President M.M. Smith has decided to step down as President. Per the Staff Union Constitution Vice President Pat O'Neil will assume the office of President on August 1, 2016. The Staff Union Constitution also calls for the position of Vice President to be filled by the Executive Board. The appointment will last until the next regular membeship meeting which will coincide with the CWA convention in 2017. 

04-18-16 A copy of the Staff Union Contract 2015-2020 was posted in the Documents section of the website.

03-17-16 The 2016 John Scally Scholarship information is now available. The application and informational letter are in the Documents section.  Applications must be postmarked no later than July 31, 2016.

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